Skinbooster GlutaHYAL w-action
GlutaHYAL w-action — the first skinbooster with phototherapy effect.

- Protection against damaging UV rays
- Powerful antioxidant effect
- Deep skin detoxification
- Accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin
- Reducing the depth and size of wrinkles
- Improves skin tone and texture for a true radiance

Indications for use
  • Residents of megacities and polluted areas
  • Stressed skin
  • Oxidative stress
  • Hyperpigmentation and its prevention
  • Post-acne
  • Vascular manifestations
Cosmetic effects
Non-device skin phototherapy
Whitening effect without cytotoxic effect
Reduces melanin synthesis much more effectively than arbutin and vitamin C
Neutralization of oxidative stress
Detoxification at the cellular level
Targeted effect of succinic acid on damaged cells
Symbiosis of succinic and hyaluronic acids gives a complex rejuvenating effect
Increases skin immunity
Ideally combined with other methods
Minimal risk of complications and side effects
Economic benefit for the patient
Skinbooster EyePower7+Manitol
EyePower7+Manitol — skinbooster with concealer effect.

Skinbooster specifically designed to correct the periorbital area
- A unique formula for the prevention of swelling of the periorbital zone
- Powerful antioxidant effect
- Slowing down the breakdown of hyaluronic acid due to manitol

Indications for use
  • Swelling of the periorbital zone
  • Deficiency of PFA volumes in the periorbital zone
  • "Tired" look
  • Puffy eyes
  • Fine lines around the eyes
  • Hernial protrusions of the lower eyelid
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Hyperpigmentation of the mobile eyelid
Cosmetic effects
Delicate structure of the periorbital zone, requiring a personalized correction protocol
Decongestant and lymphatic drainage effects
Increasing the elasticity of the vascular wall
Eliminates exogenous factors of influence
Smoothes fine lines around the eyes
Brightening effect
Has healing and anti-inflammatory effects
Can be used to prepare for and recover from blepharoplasty
Skinbooster HYALL-age booster
HYALL-age booster — skinbooster with filler effect.

- Innovative hyaluronic acid molecule PrincipHyal® CUBE3
- Ideal for fine wrinkled facial aging
- Triple effect: lifting, moisturizing, radiance
- Express lifting without pain and swelling
- Skinbooster restoring and regenerating endogenous balance

Indications for use
  • Endogenous skin aging
  • Fine wrinkled type of facial aging
  • Tired morphotype
  • Lack of time for rehabilitation
  • Severe dehydration
  • Static and dynamic wrinkles
Cosmetic effects
An innovative product containing sodium hyaluronate with different molecular weights (from 50 to 3000 kDa)
A pronounced effect on the connective tissue in the projection of the reticula cutis (skin ligaments)
Stimulation of neosynthesis of elastin and collagen
Proven data on the efficacy and safety of the PrincipHyal® CUBE3 molecule
Intensively affects the quality characteristics of the skin than low and high weight hyaluronic acid separately
Increases elasticity and firmness of the skin
Improves tissue hydration
Reduces the appearance of static wrinkles
Suitable for atraumatic correction protocols
Convenient course of correction - 1 time in 3-4 weeks
CELLCOLLAGEN — the first skinbooster with "Unlimited Hayflick" effect

- Strong frame and skin elasticity
- Telomeres are the secret to longevity
- Contains apple stem cell extract
- Stimulates collagen formation

Indications for use
  • Tired face aging morphotype
  • Atony of the face skin
  • Flabbiness of the body skin
  • Flaccidity of the neck and décolleté skin
  • Scars and stretch marks
Cosmetic effects
Skin cell genetic therapy
Increases the activity of the own stem cells
Stimulates the synthesis of collagen types 1 and 3
Has a powerful lifting effect
Increases the barrier function of the skin
Builds resistance to oxidative stress
Accelerates metabolic processes in tissues
Thickens the collagen structure of the skin
Skinbooster TrealosioVITAL
TrealosioVITAL — skinbooster with an innovative phagocytosis activation system

- Eco skinbooster for the big city
- Triggering skin autophagy
- Preventive approach to age-related skin changes

Indications for use
  • Beginning age-related changes in the skin
  • Expressed mimic activity
  • Radiation protection
  • Stressed skin
  • Application in a comprehensive preventive protocol
  • Photo- and chronoaging of the skin
Cosmetic effects
For patients with a conscious approach to their health
Preventive effect on skin quality
Prolonged hydration due to the presence of trehalose in the composition
Slow down degenerative changes in the body
Normalizes the transport of substances through cell membranes, prevents the development of inflammatory processes
Botulinum-like effect
Liposkinbooster Lipolad Extra Strong
Lipolad Extra Strong — the only long-acting lipolytic.

Safe lipolysis and lymphatic drainage without the risk of necrosis and aseptic inflammation.
Does not contain allergenic components, diprospan and its derivatives.
Combines 4 steps:
- Reducing the volume of adipose tissue
- Elimination of puffiness
- Skin tightening
- Prevent further fat gain

Indications for use
  • Face sculpting
  • Deformation edematous, tired morphotype
  • Hypertrophy of subcutaneous fat in the face and body
  • Local fat deposits on the face and body
  • Edema, pastosity in the face (lymphatic drainage)
  • Violation of microcirculation in fat depots
  • Gynoid lipodystrophy
Cosmetic effects
Combination of lipolysis and liporeduction
Combination of a safe concentration of biodetergent and liporeductants
Simultaneous stimulation of the necessary lymph outflow and regulation of microcirculation, energy exchange processes in adipose tissue
Provides "targeted delivery" of active substances directly to target cells
Mobilizes free fatty acids, accelerating their metabolism
A safe drug for the correction of small fat deposits
Reducing the manifestation of gynoid lipodystrophy
Skinbooster Nucleo Anti-Gravity
Nucleo Anti-Gravity — SMAS lifting effect in one bottle!

Reduction of ptosis from the first application, without rehabilitation with maximum comfort during insertion.
Minimum injection.
Does not cause edema.

Indications for use
  • Ptosis of the face soft tissues 1-3 degrees
  • Changing the contour of the face oval
  • Swelling of the soft tissues of the face
  • "Office" morphotype
  • Low pain threshold if anti-age correction is needed
  • Scars (atrophic, striae, normotrophic)
Cosmetic effects
Targeted stimulation of synthesis and differentiation of cellular structures of the ligamentous apparatus of the face
A pronounced effect on the connective tissue in the projection of the reticula cutis (skin ligaments)
Intensive skin lifting
Prolonged hydration without swelling
Restoring the population of healthy cells, increasing the resistance of cells to damage, increasing the duration of their life cycle
An increase in the formation of laminin, which is part of the fibrils of the dermoepidermal junction
Reducing the appearance of static wrinkles
Perfect tandem with LIPOLAD EXTRA STRONG
Peeling ТС+evolution
Local medical product with dermoepidermal revitalizing effect, based on a patented complex of acids 23%.

It is recommended to combine with Norel Dr. Wilsz. Ingredients of Norel Dr. Wilsz is suitable for combination with TC+evolution due to the high concentration of active ingredients, which enhances the effect of skin biorevitalization.

Indications for use
  • Chrono- and photoaging
  • Involutional skin changes
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Scars and stretch marks
  • Hyperkeratosis
Benefits of TC+Evolution peeling
  • No recovery period
  • All season product
  • No peeling or pain
  • No injections
Cosmetic effects
Reduces the depth of wrinkles
Gives radiance to the skin
Increases elasticity and firmness
Improves skin texture
Has an antioxidant effect
Promotes neoangiogenesis
Increases local immunity
Effects of TC+evolution peeling
Peeling J+Intense
The developed complex of acids provides controlled damage to the skin through the use of organic acids. Inflammation stimulates fibroblasts, activating the production of elastin and autologous collagen. In other words, a "multi-purpose" chemical peel is the restoration of skin tone, freshness and brightness.

A solution that allows you to use this exfoliant even on the most delicate and sensitive skin.

Indications for use
  • Pronounced pigmentation
  • Photo- and chronoaging
  • Acne / post-acne
  • Scars and stretch marks
J+Intense peeling depth

First level: 1 layer of the solution causes slight redness without much discomfort for the patient and creates peeling in the next 48-72 hours

Second level: 2 or 3 layers of peeling cause increased erythema and redness. The skin will be reddish brown for the next 48 hours, then peel off for another 2-4 days.

Third level: exposure to 3-4 layers of the solution is characterized by more intense erythema, pronounced redness and whitening. Healing period similar to level 2, but with more flaking
Cosmetic effects
Eliminates hyperkeratosis
Gives radiance to the skin
Fights pigmentation
Improves skin texture
Promotes hydration
Improves skin tone
Increases local immunity
Effects of J+Intense peeling
Exclusive peeling system
Working at night, frequent flights, computer radiation, life in megacities negatively affect the condition of the skin. And even the best skin care is not always happy with its results.
Scientists from the Italian company MP-Systems took care of this problem and developed an innovative peeling system PRO-Age System.

Indications for use
  • Sensitive skin, rosacea
  • Acne/post-acne, oily skin, enlarged pores, uneven complexion
  • Photo-/chronoaging, hyperpigmentation
  • Dry skin, hyperkeratosis, fine lines
  • Loss of skin tone, fuzzy facial contours, ptosis
  • Striae
  • Hyperpigmentation of intimate areas
  • Non-surgical lifting
    mandelic and glycolic acids, creatine, DMAE, collagen, elastin
  • Hollywood shine
    ferulic, citric, malic, lactobionic, lactic and thioctic (alpha-lipoic) acids, glutathione, taurine
  • Powerful amino detox
    lactic acid, sodium pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, sucrose, serine, lysine, ethyl ascorbic acid, glycine (aminoacetic acid), allantoin
Cosmetic effects
Mix to meet the individual needs of the patient's skin
Improves skin texture
Fights pigmentation
Has a lifting effect
Accelerates the healing of inflammation
Ideal for the summer season
Effects of PRO-AGE systems peels
Skinbooster BotoMesoBooster
BotoMesoBooster — it is a safe alternative to botulinum therapy in the fight against mimic wrinkles and skin aging.

The drug activates mechanisms, alternative to evidence-based medicine, to block the transmission of a nerve impulse in a synapse, without causing side effects typical of BTA.

Indications for use
  • Muscle hypertonicity and mimic wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity, skin density
  • Static wrinkles (as part of complex therapy)
  • Resistance to botulinum therapy
Clinical results
2 treatments with BotoMesoBooster
  • Safely smoothes mimic wrinkles
  • Maintains natural facial expressions
  • Moisturizes the skin and helps to maintain its hydro-reserve
  • Prolongedly reduces the depth of wrinkles
Skinbooster DNA Lift
DNA Lift – a unique drug that physiologically activates and controls the synthetic processes of the skin.

Thanks to the intelligent system of action of amino acids in the mitosis cycle of skin cells, it reduces the number of errors in DNA replication and promotes the growth of young healthy fibroblasts and melanocytes.

Indications for use
  • Skin aging
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Severe dehydration of the skin
  • Senile dyschromia
  • Preparation for highly invasive aesthetic procedures
  • Rehabilitation after plastic surgery
Clinical results
2 treatments with DNA Lift
  • Intensive restoration of skin tone and elasticity
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Moisturizes the skin and helps to maintain its hydro-reserve
  • Improvement of regeneration after highly traumatic procedures
Skinbooster Fresco Energy
FRESCO ENERGYthe first skinbooster that triggers the mitochondrial activity of skin cells and its intensive regeneration even under conditions of constant stress.

It has an intensive restorative effect on cell membranes, protects against free radical oxidation and normalizes homeostasis, which is necessary for the physiological functioning of all types of cells.

Indications for use
  • Photoaging of the skin
  • Acne and post-acne
  • Premature skin aging
  • Pigmentation
  • "Stress skin", "smoker's skin"
  • It is used as part of the complex therapy of alopecia
Clinical results
4 treatments with peeling J+Intense
+ 2 treatments with Fresco Energy
  • Improving the color, tone and elasticity of the skin
  • Reducing the appearance of pigmentation
  • Reducing the severity of inflammation and congestion
  • Powerful regeneration
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